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Gura Humorului Ski Slope

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Gura Humorului Ski Resort – a Wonderful Winter Destination for Ski Enthusiasts

Gura Humorului Ski Resort is situated at an altitude of 850 meters and spans a length of 1,200 meters. The resort is equipped with snowmaking machines to ensure optimal skiing conditions even when there’s no natural snow. Furthermore, the resort is well-maintained and clean, providing a pleasant and safe skiing experience for all visitors.

Ski Trails

Gura Humorului Ski Resort offers trails for all levels of experience. Beginners can opt for easy trails with gentle slopes, perfect for learning the basics of skiing.

Intermediate skiers can choose more challenging trails with steeper slopes and tighter turns. For advanced skiers, there are extremely difficult trails with steep slopes and highly technical sections, providing a real challenge.

Additionally, Gura Humorului Ski Resort is a popular destination for snowboarding, offering a variety of obstacles and ramps for skiers seeking a more extreme experience.


Gura Humorului Ski Resort provides a full range of facilities for skiers, including rental of ski and snowboard equipment, instruction and guidance services, as well as a recreational area with a variety of restaurants and cafes.

In conclusion, Gura Humorului Ski Resort is a wonderful winter destination for skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels. With excellent trails, comprehensive facilities, and easy accessibility, this destination is definitely worth a visit.

To fully enjoy all the beauty and experiences that Gura Humorului Ski Resort has to offer, we recommend staying in the Câmpulung Moldovenesc area, where you will find a variety of accommodation options.

Complex Turistic Constantin is an excellent choice, situated approximately 30 kilometers away from the ski resort, offering quality services and comfort for all guests.

We warmly invite you to make reservations and enjoy a unique experience at Gura Humorului Ski Resort!

Photo source: www.e-bucovina.com

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Beautiful and vast landscapes

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Local culture and history

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Outdoor recreation activities

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