A mountainous area offers a wide range of tourist attractions for all tastes. In these areas, tourists can enjoy spectacular landscapes, clean and fresh air, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

Constantin Tourist Complex, the first and certainly the most spectacular
and extensive hotel project undertaken in Bucovina.

Ski slope Istrati

Istrati Ski Slope in Câmpulung Moldovenesc,
a top destination for ski enthusiasts,
amidst the picturesque mountain landscape of
the Carpathian Mountains.

Rarău Ski Slope

Located in the Rarău Mountains, it is one of the most beautiful
ski slopes in Romania. It has a length of approximately 1.5 km
and an elevation difference of 250 m.Distance from Constantin Hotel: 18 km

Gura Humorului Ski Slope

Located in Gura Humorului, the Ski Slope offers an
exhilarating skiing experience in the heart of Bucovina.
It stretches for approximately 1.2 km and has an elevation

difference of 180 m, making it a favorite spot for
winter sports enthusiasts.

Vatra Dornei Ski Slope

The Ski Slope represents a captivating destination for winter
sports enthusiasts. With a length of approximately 1.8 km and an
elevation difference of 300 meters, it ranks among the most
impressive ski slopes in Romania.


Transrarău entices with spectacular mountain landscapes
and outdoor adventures. This mountainous region in northern
Romania is renowned for its picturesque beauty,
making it suitable for both hiking and relaxation.

Pietrele Doamnei Rarău

It represents a natural gem in the Rarău Mountains.
The spectacular stone formations, resembling
towers and rocks, both attract and astonish visitors with
their fairytale-like landscape and hiking opportunities.

The Huțulca Narrow-Gauge Railway

The Huțulca Narrow-Gauge Railway takes you on a picturesque journey
into the heart of Bucovina. This steam locomotive offers an authentic
experience of rail travel from the past, revealing
the beauty of the mountainous landscape and traditional villages.

The Egg Museum

The Egg Museum is a cultural treasure located in the heart of
Bucovina, where you can admire an impressive collection
of decorated eggs, each one being a unique work of art.

The Pottery Center in Marginea

Discover the secrets of traditional pottery craftsmanship.
Here, you can explore a rich cultural heritage
and stunning creations in black pottery, specific to the region,
and immerse yourself in the local art and tradition.

Lucina Stud Farm

Lucina Stud Farm is nestled in the heart of nature,
where you can admire and interact with the elegant
Lipizzaner horses, known for their beauty and nobility.

Suceava Princely Fortress

It provides a window into the history and glory of Moldavia.
This impressive fortress, built in the 14th century, serves as a
testament to the rich past of the region and allows you to
explore its historical secrets and stories amidst
a picturesque landscape.

Voronet Monastery

Voroneț Monastery, known as the “Sistine Chapel of the East,”
impresses with its vividly colored frescoes and rich
spiritual and cultural history, being an iconic place of Romanian art and religion.

Sucevita Monastery

An iconic place of Romanian medieval art, rich in tradition
and spirituality, known for its vividly colored frescoes
and the biblical stories it portrays, thus offering
a captivating journey into the cultural and religious past of the country.

Moldovita Monastery

Located in the beautiful Bucovina, it represents a treasure of Romanian art, steeped in tradition and spirituality.
It offers a captivating journey into the cultural and
religious heritage of the country.

Humor Monastery

In the heart of Bucovina, it shines like a treasure
of the national heritage, representing a unique place
where art, spirituality, and tradition come together.

Cacica Salt Mine

Located at a depth of approximately 50 meters,
it offers you a fascinating journey into the wonderful
world of salt. With spectacular formations and a rich history,
this salt mine will amaze you with stunning underground landscapes
and unique discoveries.

Wood Art Museum

A treasure of traditional craftsmanship, where you will
discover wooden sculptures and furniture with stunning
details, illustrating the skill of local artisans in a
fascinating historical and cultural setting.

Tinovul Mare Poiana Stampei

Bucovina’s natural gem. Here, nature reveals itself in its splendor, with rich biodiversity
and idyllic landscapes. The perfect place for hiking and birdwatching amidst a true
oasis of natural beauty.

The Devil's Mill Gorge

A wild corner of nature, where the river defies the rocks
in a tumultuous display of water and impressive depths.
An unforgettable experience for adventure enthusiasts and
lovers of natural beauty.

Iezer Lake

A marvelous jewel of the Carpathians, where crystal-clear
waters reflect the grandeur of the surrounding mountains.
A paradise for nature lovers and hikers, where tranquility and
wild beauty embrace you.